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the Pro's and Con's of Living in LaPorte Indiana

LaPorte is my hometown, but I say that about Michigan City as well. I grew us in the middle of both towns. I had a Michigan City address but a LaPorte phone number meaning it was long-distance to

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Going to be a Great Weekend Top 5 Homes of Northwest Indiana

1.1448 Donnet Ct in Dyer: https://myre.io/0wosCvyfMW6oT 2. 136 Harvest in Dyer: https://myre.io/0w3sfkF2rQWvg 3. 11422 W 175 N in Medaryville: https://myre.io/0SQcaW0cUf7KN 4. 414 Gardena in

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What does Contingent mean?

Every week, I do a video that will help Buyer's and Seller's navigate the home buying/selling water of Northwest Indiana. This week, we break down the term "Contingent". Have a great week

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